Let’s Drink!

Let’s Drink!

By: Divya S

In my Caribbean household, growing up, alcohol was free for the taking. I didn’t need to sneak around and hide the fact that I was drinking alcohol, or ask my older family members to buy alcohol for me; it was there for the taking.
My first time consuming alcohol was when I was fifteen. I was at a wedding reception and at each table there was champagne. I am a couple years older than most of my cousins, so to look cool I decided to take a couple sips. To be honest champagne tastes good when you are fifteen but when you get to a certain age it has no taste of alcohol. This was my first experience with alcohol and from that point on I moved up a couple notches. Once I turned seventeen my parents were offering me mixed drinks, such as vodka and soda, which I though was nice. They trusted me with alcohol and my consumption. Going to family parties I could drink with the adults or be with my older cousins and have drinks. Now I take vodka, tequila, wine and whiskey. My parents knew I was responsible at a young age and trusted me to know my limits around alcohol.

There are risks to consider when consuming alcohol. There are tendencies where people are ignoring the health risks. Consuming large amounts of alcohol can worsen conditions that South Asian are already at risk for. Such as Triglycerides, fatty liver, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and gout. South Asians are predominately at risk for metabolic syndrome which may increase the risk of certain health issues. Drinking alcohol isn’t all bad there are benefits. If you drink in moderation and watch what you consume and how you consume it, you should be fine.

Before drinking everyone should know there limitations and how much they should consume on a daily or weekly bases. I work in bar and I know my limits and know how to keep my costumers on check. For myself, I have big meals when I know I am going out to drink. I eat fatty foods such as beef and bread. To absorb the alcohol passing through my system. I also control what I drink. I refuse to mix drinks, I would not have tequila and then whiskey and then a cocktail after. To be on the safe side be consistent with what you drink to avoid getting buzzed or tipsy.

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