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Reflect and Be Grateful

Reflect and Be Grateful

By: Reenita V

It’s that time of year when friends and family gather, end of year parties take place, people exchange presents and loved ones go on vacation. The end of the year can be incredibly exciting as it gives an opportunity to start new, set new goals and buy an awesome new calendar. While we focus on moving forward, it might be the perfect time to salute the past year and reflect on the path that has brought you to where you are now.

Perhaps looking back isn’t an easy task. There may have been moments that sucked, perhaps you are moving into this year without some of your loved ones or maybe you didn’t finish your goals for 2015. Whatever glitches or hardships arose in this year, you still persevered, you are here now and you got through the year. It is those bumps in the road that have brought you to where you are now, where you need to be. Maybe 2015 was your year. You got the job, fell in love, moved across the country, forgave. Whatever your reasons are to celebrate do it and do it with gusto. In the difficult or splendid moments of the past, there is a lesson in there somewhere – seek it, reflect and be grateful.

While you ponder what has happened in your life this year, think about what you may still be holding on too. Reflecting on the good and the bad can create an opportunity to also let things go. Letting go can be easier said than done – but it can happen when you are ready. Letting go and looking back can take a great amount of courage so again, seek the lessons, they are there somewhere.
When you are ready and done reflecting on your year, letting go, feeling all the feelings, maybe it is time to set your intentions. Are there new goals you want to achieve? Maybe you forget to pause and self-care and your intention may be to take care of you. Or maybe you want to land a new job, challenge yourself or just try something new. Write it down and put it out there. New year’s resolutions can often be a quick Band-Aid solution to things you want to fix or change so remember that when setting intentions.
However your journey played out this year, the point is to just take a sneak peek back and just be thankful.