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Hello, Vulva!

Hello, Vulva!

By: Reenita V

Grab your handheld mirrors, sisters! It’s time we take some time to really get to know ourselves and more specifically, our vulvas. What is a vulva and why is it important we know about them? The vulva is the outer area which leads to the vagina. The vulva is magical and women can be shamed or misguided when it comes to the importance of knowing our body. We should know our bodies better than anyone and should never rely on leaving it up to our partners or doctors to be more familiar with such an important body part.

Do you know what your vulva looks like? I do! Vulva’s come in all shapes, sizes, colors. Some have hair, some do not. Some are pink, some are brown, some are small and some are large – they are just different. One easy way to see what’s down there, is to grab a handheld mirror, prop a leg up on the bathtub or stool, hold the mirror between your legs and check yourself out.

Are you fascinated? I hope so! Not only should we know our bodies, we should love our bodies. Society has had its way with shaming women for their bodies and it’s time we rebel not just with what we wear, or say but what we know and our need to control our bodies and our knowledge. Vulvas are beautiful, unique, and powerful and they are ours to know, love and cherish. Not often are we provided with empowering information about a women’s body so let’s embrace this opportunity. Let’s start with getting acquainted with the part of the body so often we shy away from talking about. So go for it, explore yours and see what’s down there.