Meet The Brownkiss Peers

Meet The Brownkiss Peers

We’ve been incredibly fortunate to be a platform for the diverse voices for women in South Asian communities to talk about race, gender, sex and sexuality. Here are few of those fantastic women who make Brownkiss possible:  


Sai Pic
Saipriya  is a physiotherapist, writer and a blogger.  She is  currently pursuing her PhD in McMaster University .  She formally began her work on the HIV / AIDS sector since 2013 and her area of research focuses on ‘Rehabilitation needs of Immigrant South Asian Women living with HIV’. She is also working as a peer support leader in Alliance of South Asian AIDS prevention  on a community-based project   for educating  South Asian Women  about sexual health in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area .



Reenita was born and raised in Vancouver, took a 6 year pit stop in Montreal and now resides in Toronto. She is a Social Service Worker by trade, lover of all animals and an avid traveller. While this gal may be petite, her commitment to social justice, equality and human rights is huge. This energetic girl is always on the move but when she needs some down time, she likes to indulge in a good book, yoga or a dance class.


 Reya is a  first generation born Indo-Guyanese Canadian and has lived in the Greater Toronto Area her entire life. She recently completed my Masters of Arts in Women and Gender studies at the University of Toronto’s Women and Gender Studies Institute. Her research focused primarily on the migrational patterns and sociopolitical barriers of diaspora Indian women as they re-established their lives in the Caribbean and North America. Her research interests and community involvement continue to revolve around newcomer women and youth’s lives within the South Asian diaspora, particularly issues in gender-based violence. Lastly, she plays fast pitch and she is trained in the harmonium.