Why I’m Obsessed with the Word Intersectionality

Why I’m Obsessed with the Word Intersectionality

I get flak for using the word intersectionality a lot. And I admit, I am guilty as charged. I insert the word into every brainstorming session, allude to it in every article and make reference to it in every workshop. It’s funny, in the way that a preoccupation with a word almost teetering on obsession can be but it’s also more than that.

Intersectionality speaks to the crossroads at which our lives take place. People are composed of multiple identities, and these pieces overlap in ways that affect the confines in which we make our decisions. I am more than a woman OR South Asian. I

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am both, and the way these two pieces of myself collide shapes my perspectives, my experiences and my notion of self. The combined histories of the multiple components of our identities create a specific vantage point from which we experience and understand things. It’s important to understand these unique perspectives and how they form the framework within which each of us operates.

Health is a multidimensional concept, which is heavily influenced by these complex identities. The reality is that we do not all have the same starting points and these differences are important to recognize. The additive effect of our identities allows us certain benefits but then take others away, they change the way in

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which we navigate the world.

ASAAP strives to help meet people where they are in life, and give them access to the best

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information and resources to help them make the best decisions for their health.